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Wires-X NET and Event CALENDAR

APP COMING with our Calendars


yourcallsign@ wiresx.email

Registration opens 31 Oct 2020 for our new free email redirect service.

Please read our TOS*** before applying as your application expresses your

consent and agreement to follow our club email TOS rules.



Wires-X Club BB

First time requires Registration, to do this you must agree to our TOS before you are passed to the registration page.

Upon Registration you will be asked to verify your email address before Admin will review your application:

[ Email Verification and Admin Activation actions requied. ]


Once Admin receives your verification notice you will be prompted to select your Password ... Min Length is set to 8 characters.

[ A complex Password is require an upper case letter, lower case letter and a number. ]


Once approved by Admin, your Login thereafter requires both Username and Email.



Wires-X Club Contact eCards

Members of our Facebook group are eligible for our club contact card and its free of charger.


Non Facebook users please email Admin with your callsign to request a Club card (Call will be verified).


Featured members card

Services offered inc Wires-X Email redirect address, Wires-X NET's and Events Calendars plus more ...




Club email redirect service, TOS***

1) Not to be used by anyone other than yourself

2) Not to be used for any commercial purpose

3) Not to be used in any way that could bring discredit to the club or fellow club members






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Email: admin@wires-x.club

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